Tips For Dealing With Acne After Menopause

If you have just gone through menopause or are in the late stages of it, there's a good chance that you are dealing with acne as well. Your body is not producing the same level of hormones and this could cause your skin to get oilier and more prone to breaking out. This can be frustrating because you might have had perfectly clear skin before and now have large, red blotches that you might not necessarily know how to cope with. [Read More]

Is Vitamin C Really A Natural Treatment For Skin Cancer?

You may have heard that Vitamin C can be an effective means of treating certain forms of skin cancer. Whether you approach this claim with hope or disbelief, it will help if you understand a little about how Vitamin C works on cancer cells. What Is Vitamin C You probably think you're familiar with Vitamin C. It's in most citrus fruit as well as various vegetables, and you can find it added to many other products. [Read More]

Botox: Not Just For Forehead Lines

Botox injections have long been used to treat forehead lines, particularly the ones between the eyebrows caused by frowning. These injections can create a more youthful, less lined appearance. However, Botox is far more versatile than many people are aware of. There are plenty of uses for Botox other than just treating forehead lines. Here are three alternative ways that Botox can be used in order to improve someone's appearance.  [Read More]

What's New in Acne Treatments (And Which Treatments Are Actually Recommended By Doctors)?

There's a lot of home remedies out there for acne treatment, and some of them are making big news these days thanks to online bloggers who are touting their success. What do the experts say? What should you try instead? What if the home remedies don't work? Skip the wasabi and try toothpaste or white vinegar instead. One beauty blogger has started a trend that dermatologists say you could do without—applying wasabi paste with a q-tip to the epicenter of a whitehead. [Read More]