What Are Blackheads And How To Prevent Them

Blackheads are blackened material that builds up in the pores. The material is usually dirt and oil that is built up over time from not taking care of your skin properly. This buildup hardens and turns black over time. If the blackheads aren't treated properly, they can turn into acne, enlarged pores, or other skin issues. To treat and prevent blackheads, read on for helpful skincare tips. Exfoliate Exfoliating your skin can be beneficial in a number of ways. [Read More]

Sunbathing With SPF 50 Sunscreen? You May Be Increasing Your Risk Of Sun Damage

Sunbathing is often a risky situation if people don't take serious steps to avoid sun damage on their skin. Unfortunately, even people who use SPF 50 sunscreen may be increasing their risk of seeing a cosmetic dermatology office by suffering from severe sun damage. How Sun Damaged Skin Happens Even With SPF 50 Sunscreen Sunbathers that put on SPF 50 sunscreen probably think they are very safe from sun damage on their skin. [Read More]

What Are Your Options for Dealing With Blackheads

If you are dealing with blackheads, then you're probably looking for some way to get rid of them. Blackheads are created when oil oxidizes. This oxidation causes the signature color. Unfortunately, they cannot be removed by scrubbing your face with soap. In fact, excessive scrubbing will only irritate your skin, so it's something you should avoid. However, there are several different methods you could try. Here are three of them. [Read More]

Tips For Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

If you have grown at all during your life, there's a good chance that you have stretch marks. When your body shoots up in length or expands in size, your skin has to stretch to compensate. The stretching process can leave scars on your body in the form of stretch marks. You can also get them from sudden weight gain or from pregnancy. Women can get them when their hips grow in or their breasts suddenly get bigger. [Read More]