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Sunbathing With SPF 50 Sunscreen? You May Be Increasing Your Risk Of Sun Damage

Sunbathing is often a risky situation if people don't take serious steps to avoid sun damage on their skin. Unfortunately, even people who use SPF 50 sunscreen may be increasing their risk of seeing a cosmetic dermatology office by suffering from severe sun damage.

How Sun Damaged Skin Happens Even With SPF 50 Sunscreen

Sunbathers that put on SPF 50 sunscreen probably think they are very safe from sun damage on their skin. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. While SPF 50 sunscreen is powerful enough to protect the skin from damage for a few hours, people often think that it is somewhat magical. As a result, they end up spending too much time in the sun and get serious damage.

The amount of damage that occurs to their skin will vary depending on how long they are in the sun. For example, a small sunburn is something that most people can treat on their own. However, more serious damage may cause a person's skin texture to change, increase their risk of cancer, and develop serious pigment changes across their skin. Cosmetic dermatology may be necessary in this case.

Treating A Minor Burn Immediately

A person with SPF 50 sunscreen is likely to have a minor burn after about 3-4 hours exposure to the sun. When this kind of burn appears on the skin, it is important to treat it immediately. In its damaged state, it is more likely that the burn will get worse with more exposure from the sun. The first step is to place a damp towel on the burn for 10-15 minutes a day to remove some of the heat.

Other steps include applying moisturizers, drinking a lot of water, and allowing the skin to heal in a safe manner. Cover up the burn when going outside to keep it from developing more serious burn damage. However, if the situation has progressed beyond this point, cosmetic dermatology may be necessary.   

Cosmetic Surgery May Be Necessary In Severe Instances

When a person suffers from severe sun damage on their skin, it is important to get treatment from a cosmetic dermatologist. For example, they can inject botulinum into the skin to help immobilize the skin and eliminate wrinkles caused by sun damage. Chemical peels can also be used to clean up irregular pigment and protect a person from developing skin cancer.

These treatment methods are crucial for those who made the mistake of putting too much faith in their SPF 50 sunscreen. It's not that this type of sunscreen isn't useful, but it can't magically stop sun damage from occurring. So make sure to talk to your cosmetic dermatologist if you believe your skin has been severely damaged by the sun.