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What Are Your Options for Dealing With Blackheads

If you are dealing with blackheads, then you're probably looking for some way to get rid of them. Blackheads are created when oil oxidizes. This oxidation causes the signature color. Unfortunately, they cannot be removed by scrubbing your face with soap. In fact, excessive scrubbing will only irritate your skin, so it's something you should avoid. However, there are several different methods you could try. Here are three of them.

Topical Treatments: Salicylic Acid and Retinoid

The first method of blackhead removal most people try is the topical treatment method. This involves buying an over-the-counter cream and applying it to your blackheads. The active ingredient in many of these is salicylic acid. This chemical will dissolve the blackhead, but it takes time. You might have to use it every day for a couple of weeks to see results. The acid is not so harsh that it will burn your skin.

The other type of topical treatment involves a retinoid treatment. This chemical will help dissolve the oil in the pores. However, this chemical can cause redness on the face, so it is best to try this when you don't have a meeting scheduled for the next day.

Medications: Spironolactone and Oral Contraceptives

A method that many women use to clear up skin problems is to use a combination of birth control and a drug called spironolactone. One of the ways these drugs work is by reducing the amount of testosterone, which reduces oil production. The only downside to this method is that you will need to take a medication that might interact with other medications you are currently on. You will need to speak with your dermatologist about any possible side effects or interactions.

Dermatology Procedures: Micro-needling and Lasers

Finally, if you want to see immediate results, then you will need to visit a dermatologist and get either micro-needling or laser treatment. This is a very minimally invasive treatment that won't damage your skin. What it does achieve is the immediate removal of the oxidized oil from your skin. The lasers will heat up the oil and let it dissolve out of the pores. The micro-needling procedures works not by heating the oxidized oil, but by breaking it up using tiny little needles that can enter right into the pore and loosen up the hardened oil. These same needles are used to remove acne scars, so there is no worry that the procedure will cause a scar.